Treating ocular surface inflammation


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Treating Ocular Surface Inflammation will be a single print report of 8-12 pages distributed by mail to 18,000 ophthalmologists across the EU via The Ophthalmologist. Treating Ocular Surface Inflammation will be accredited by our CME partner, the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO). Each report in the series will be mailed to more than 18,000 ophthalmologists across the EU via The Ophthalmologist and made available online.

Scientific Committee

Editorial Chairperson/Activity Director
Prof. Stefano Barabino, MD

ESASO Accreditor Reviewer
Prof. Giuseppe Guarnaccia, MD

Editorial Support
Ying Guo, MBBS, PhD
Hayley Clay


Christophe Baudouin
Esen K. Akpek
Elisabeth M. Messner
Pedram Hamrah
Josè Güell


  • Mechanisms/Role of Inflammation in OSD
  • Diagnosing Inflammatory OSD
  • Treating OSD
  • Lid Margin Disease
  • Managing Inflammatory Ocular Surface in Surgery

Treating ocular surface inflammation

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Mechanisms/Role of Inflammation in OSD

Inflammation is a core driver in the vicious cycle of dry eye disease (DED). Identifying the precise mechanisms underlying DED-associated inflammation will shed light on better diagnosis and treatment. Continue…

  • 12 minutes
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Diagnosing Inflammatory OSD

Inflammatory ocular surface disease is common but underappreciated. It is a difficult condition to diagnose, and it is not always possible to determine the root cause. However, treating patients with…

  • 12 minutes
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Treating OSD

While dry eye disease (DED) is increasingly recognized as an inflammatory process, antiinflammatory therapy remains an unmet need in the management of dry eye patients. For future dry eye therapeutics…

  • 12 minutes
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Lid Margin Disease

Inflammatory ocular surface conditions are common in patients seeking cataract or refractive surgery and often arise after such surgeries. By testing all surgery candidates for dry eye before surgery, clinical…

  • 12 minutes
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Managing Inflammatory Ocular Surface in Surgery

This CME article for ophthalmologists will discuss lid margin disease, including its underlying causes, presentations, diagnosis, treatment, and associated neurosensory abnormalities. Participants will learn how to identify lid margin disease…

  • 12 minutes
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